Deleting rows on repeating group

Hi @vinicius.tst.eng, here’s how to do this with a custom state that will temporarily hold the value of the selection(s).

  1. Workflow: when a checkbox value is changed > set state:

For the custom state action, choose the pop-up as the element for the state. Create a new state. Name it something like “Selected Things”, and it should be the type of thing you’re deleting as well as a list (check the list box). Once created, set the value to the custom state’s value :plus item current cell’s Thing. Eg “value = Popup’s Selected Things :plus item current cell’s thing”

Now every time the checkbox is checked, a temporary list is being created.

  1. Add a condition to this workflow event: only when this checkbox is checked. Because you only want to add to the list when it has been checked. If the user changes their mind or makes a mistake, they can deselect by unchecking the box and you’ll need the following separate workflow event:

When checkbox is changed and this checkbox is unchecked > set state (choose the same state), value equals Popup’s Selected Things : filtered unique ID <> current cell’s thing’s unique ID

So the filter basically removes the selected from the list.

  1. Now, you can have a text in your pop-up that says something like “Are you sure you want to delete Popup Selected Things :count Items?”

  2. When confirm button is clicked in popup > delete a list of things : select type and list to delete is your custom state value.

  3. Hide popup. Show alert message that tells the user it was successful.

This still works fine even if the user only selects one item.

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