Deleting time from date/time picker

Hi everyone

I want to put a booking system in my app. I put one dropdown(Static values) for available times and another for available dates (Date/time picker)

My problem is when I want to show the user a confirmation text, I want only the time of the dropdown to show up, not the time of Date/time picker

But it shows up like this, and I want to delete the circled time:

So, any ideas??

Use formatted as: mmmm/dd/yyyy

I used it, but it still showing me the “12:00 am” , I just want this “12:00 am” to go away??

Can you screenshot what you have on that text element ?

So on the second one it should be:

Date/TimePickerA’svalue formatted as: mmmm/dd/yyyy


Thank you veryy much, it worked

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