Delivery App need help PLEASE!

Is there any way someone can help me with an app with these capability to do the following: App features that I need:

  1. User Panel
  • Sign Up - Fill in the basic information
  • Sign In - Login ID and Password
  • the user sends the request to the admin
  • Courier Man/Her takes the order from the user
  • Sign-ins for admin and Management
  1. Courier Panel:
  • Sign Up - Put all the details.
  • Log In - With Email ID and Password.
  • Gets Notification
  • Sends Courier Man/Her to the user
  • Courier Man/Her submits the parcel to the
  • Update to Admin
  • Transportation
  • Fleet Management
  • Uber Freight
  • Driver Time Management
  • Able to accept payments!
  • GPS tracking
  • Sercvies to pick out of in select multiple option if wanted?
  1. Admin Panel:
  • Coordinate with the courier company and user
  • Send notification to collect orders
  • Track orders
  • Updating user
  • ​On-Demand Logistics App
  • Android App for User & Provider
  • iOS & Android (dual)
  • iOS/Android App for User & provider
  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Billing Admin Panel
  • Service Provider web panel
  • Driver/Delivery Person iOS and Android App
  • Multi-language integration (Spanish, English preferred )
  • Multi-payment gateway integration
  • In-app push notification
  • Scheduling tracking
  • Tracking and forwarding app
  • Trip planning
  • Advanced GPS location and camera barcode scanning

What specifically do you need help with?

If you want someone to build it for you then maybe have a look at or similar

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That’s a lot of stuff to ask for help with :slightly_smiling_face:.
Maybe try the template marketplace to check if there might be ones that suit your needs.

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