Delivery to multiple plans

I have to deliver my application for several customers that will use it independently.
For each customer I planned to create own plan (optionally, using customer’s domain for each one) .
But I don’t know if it’s possible to deliver my application from development version on my plan to release on different plans.
Can I build app on Bubble using this flow?

Do you mean

  1. you want to have parts of your app on Personal Plan & Parts on Higher Plans?
  2. you’re launching an app that should have its own plans?

It means, I want to have single-point of complete application development (on my own plan), and further delivery to other plans:

  1. All parts of the application are developed on my own plan.
  2. After version release:
  • I want to change & fix my app (periodically) on my own plan only.
  • Deliver corrected versions for several different plans.