Demand for Bubble-fluent Copywriters

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I spend a lot of time these days skulking about the forum. For the last year, I’ve been teaching myself Bubble and other no-code tools to bootstrap my own business.

That said, in a former life, I was a newspaper journalist (Washington Post and elsewhere), magazine writer, head of content strategy for an ad agency and owner of my own communications shop.

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of folks over on Maker-Twitter discussing how much they hate copywriting, and it got my curious how many of those on Bubble find this to be a pain point, as well, especially since the editor UI is pretty dizzying for your average uninitiated copywriter to navigate.

Would it be worth offering content strategy/copywriting services specifically for Bubble builders?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @ts11

Your post caught my attention.

Did a quick Google search:

The very first search result is a blog post by a Bubble agency @romanmg with awesome advice on copywriting for apps.

Seems like an interesting opportunity to pursue :+1:

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