Department of Justice Xbox Roleplay Community! | Recruitment

Hello! I am Tyler M. , the owner of DOJ XRP and Code 5 Solutions and I would like you to consider joining my Xbox Roleplay Community today! DOJ XRP Strives for Professionalism and Realism! We Strive to give you an experience no other community can give you!

What do we offer?
- Once in a lifetime Training Academy
- Friendly Staff/ Family Oriented Server
- Quick Ranking and Fun/ Professional Rp’s
- Many departments to choose from!

PS: If you own a Community, we would love to partner with you if you are up for it!


Hey bro I am abdullah and I own MSRP Community I love to partner up with u if ur up for it

How could I join

This is not the place to post about a roleplay community

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The Forum is labeled CAD / MDT / Roleplay Therefore it is allowed to be posted, Thankyou.

I just put the discord link there

do you to want partner with my group