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Department of Superior Justice | Growing Super Fast | CAD/MDT | 5 Star Community | Super Active | Serious | Open for Suggestions | Super Fun | 500+ Resources

Department of Superior Justice

DOSJRP is a new and very active FiveM Roleplay Community. Join today for a fun and realistic experience. All your Departments will be added back to you and Department supervisors will get their rank back if they do good in their first 3 days. We plan to host daily giveaways pretty soon, so join and get ready to earn some quick :bread: bread.

Here are just a few of the many reasons you should join DOSJ today.

:computer: CAD/MDT System
:green_circle: 24/7 Server Uptime
:red_circle: Serious Community
:camera: Active Media Team
:people_holding_hands: Friendly Staff & Members
:man_raising_hand: Open to Suggestions
:sunglasses: Cool, Active & Dedicated Community Members
:clap: 24/7 Game Support
:partying_face: Giveaways
:blue_car: Over 300 CUSTOM Vehicles
:notebook: Over 100 CUSTOM Scripts
:rofl: Monthly Game/Movie Nights

If those reasons didn’t get you, I don’t know what to say. Start today with not just a community, but a family. We hope to see you out there actively paroling the streets and getting rid of scumbags – or maybe robbing banks and pulling off scams – pretty soon. See you soon!

Thank you for your consideration,
The DOSJRP Recruitment Team