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Dependencies between two tasks


I tried looking through the forums and help, and it may be me being a NOOB, but I cannot find how to achieve this.
I want to create multiple tasks with calendar start and end dates and be able to link the tasks together using the index id number.
If you set a dependency to another index id, I want it to change the calendar start date to one day after the dependant task.
So, basically like MS Project…!

How can I do this?


Create a field called “dependent task” on the task, and give it type task (assuming your task is called task, but you get the idea).

Then update the start date to your task’s dependent task’s start date + 1 after you have added the dependent task.

If that makes sense. Essentialy you are “embedding” another task in a task by setting the field type to task.

First of all - thank you for an amazingly quick response. Secondly I am a real beginner at this so would you mind giving me a little more detail as to what and how to create the task within a task?


Hopefully this is somewhere close to what you were after, or at least it show how you can link tasks.

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Yes - that’s exactly what I’m after - is it possible to see the logic and workflow behind this app?

Thanks again


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Sorry, yes, it is in the forum app. Should have provided the editor link.

Ok - now to make it even more creative, can the first dates be "[email protected], so the changes create a new set of dates, but the originals can be referred back to. This modification allows the original date to be changed due to the dependencies, but in the process loses the original dates; is there a way that the original dates, say if the dependencies are deleted, will revert back?
I know its getting a bit involved now, but I am sure there is a way to do it!

Thank you


Can you give an example, you have lost me a little !

Sure, sorry, not explained too well:

Task1 Build wall start 01/06/16 finish 07/06/16
Task2 Put in Windows start 08/06/16 finish 14/06/16 dependant on 1
Task3 Put on roof start 15/06/16 finish 22/06/16 dependant on 2

So if I changed the Task 1 date to a week later, Task 2 and Task 3 would move to a week later as they have dependencies.
If I changed the finish date on task 2 to 23/06/16, then Task 3 moves back a week too.
If I was to remove the dependencies attached to Task2 and Task 3, the dates do not know what the “original” starting date put in was, therefore they don’t move back, and there is no way of knowing what the original date input was. Unless there is a way of anchoring that date somehow…?


I am guessing this may go beyond the realms of what Bubble can do maybe?
If so, I will have to come up with a more clunky workaround I think!


I don’t think it is a bubble issue, you would have the same issue with anything else. It is how you structure the data.

It sounds like you need to somehow keep versions of your tasks depending on date.