Dependent Checkboxes

I have two checkboxes that i am trying to make dependent on each other:


(checkbox A and checkbox B)
I would like the dependency to enforce only one box at a time being checked; if A is checked B should be unchecked and vice versa. I create conditional logic for each checkbox where if the other is checked, then the “checkbox should be checked” property is not set.

This isn’t working. I would think this would work but I am obviously missing something (probably very easy). Appreciate any help.

Hi @mikefraz

Fastest way is to use a radiobutton of 2 choices



Hi there, @mikefraz… the This checkbox should be checked box is used to make a checkbox required as part of running a workflow, so in short, that setting doesn’t do what you are thinking it does.

As Carlos pointed out, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t use radio buttons because 1) they automatically enforce the constraint you are trying to manually create, and 2) users don’t necessarily expect checkboxes to work the way radio buttons do (i.e., where only one can be selected at a time).

If you really do need to use checkboxes, you can use a custom state to do what you described. When the user checks one of the boxes, set a custom state to a certain value, and use a conditional to disable the other checkbox when the custom state is set to that value.

Hope this helps.



Thank you, @mikeloc - custom state solved my problem…

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