Dependent drop-down question

Thats quite simple too.

Add a field for ‘class code’ on the Class Datatype.
When the user inputs the code and presses ‘join’ then you can run a workflow that finds the code’s class using
Do a search for: class (Constraint: Class Code = Inputted Code

The workflow will then add the user to the class.
The specific way that ‘add a user to a class’ is done depends on how you structured your database. There are many ways to do this and the best way to do it gets asked many times in the forum..

A lot of people use lists, but I would recommend creating a new dataType for Student-Class. There would be one entry for every student-class relationship. In here you can have as many fields as you want to save stuff like grade, assignment, comments, feedback, etc…

Another consideration is that if you want Class Codes to be private (cant be seen by anybody who goes looking for them and knows where to look) there is an extra step to be done. This would involve setting tight privacy rules and putting the workflow that adds students to classes in the backend. If you are interested in this we can go more in depth.

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