Dependent Dropdown Choices

I have two dropdowns on my app. Dropdown 1 is Event Type, Dropdown 2 is Event Sub Type.

Event Type is an option
Event Sub Type is an option with an attribute named Parent which is defined as an Event Type

I’m trying to make it so that Event Type dropdown choice dictates the available choices of the Event Subtype dropdown.

This is what my logic looks like

I’ve tried almost every logic combination offered and can’t seem to get this to work. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you

You need to use:

All Event Sub Types: filtered: Constraint: This Event Sub Type's Parent is Event Type DD's Value

If you made your Option Set connections the other way around (i.e. an attribute on the Event Type option set for a List of Event Sub Types) all you’d have to use would be:

Event Type DD's value's Subtypes

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