Deploy app live, update stripe?

So I have a version of my app in development saved. It’s working and all the data is connected to the stripe test data. I copied the products from stripes test to stripes live, added the webhooks with the live end points. I deployed a new version to live. But the live version I can’t edit to change the workflows and product ids that are referenced in stripes test data to the live stuff. What am I doing wrong?


It seems that when I copied the products from stripes test mode that the product ID or api ID is not the same. There was also no option to use the same ID if I created the product in live from scratch…


Ok I fixed it. This is a major thing so everyone should take note that products in stripes test are unique and API IDs will not be copied over.

The fix is to store your product IDs for test and live in your database and use them dynamically.

Hope this helps!


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