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Deploy desktop app nocode/lowcode

Hi all, a customer requests me a desktop application with the following features:

  1. Single sign-on authentication
  2. Users and permissions
  3. Form builders
  4. 4.Report builders
  5. Sql Database

Do you know a nocode tool or a lowcode framework (preferably .net) that can help me speed up development and possibly deploy a desktop/windows output?

Thank you

A customer defining the database you have to use, eh? Ooh, fun.

For what it’s worth, there is a service that enables you to turn a Bubble app into a desktop app, so you could check that out if you want.

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Thanks mike,
actually I need some features already implicit in the platform that bubble doesn’t have like a form builder or advanced report creation features.
Oh yes, the customer already has its own database that we cannot change, but this is the lesser problem

Do you know c# or vb?

Using .NET you could create a desktop app with a Gecko Skyfox browser component that display’s your webapp in.

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