Deployed domain can't load WWW version, a SEO problem?

Hello there! Working on my site’s seo, I found this

In Google Search Console, as it should be, there are subdomains treated as domain, BUT

I noticed that has one identity for Google Search Console
and… Has anotherone!

So, I looked into this, and I found this comment; from MOZ blog about www vs non-www domains

And tryin to change it, I already have the correct DNS records to have bubble deployed in

Any thouhts on how to fix this?

I saw this answer from one of bubble’s founders, but it’s not up to date (for bubble’s times :slight_smile: )

Main thing, I dont want to loose “seo power” by having different subdomains competing between each other, I want to have all SEO strength in one domain, to have it as up as possible in the search results…

Help bubblers! what you have done about this?!

Any updates here?

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