Deployement on mobile


When I deploy new version to live, I can see it instantly on my laptop (update message shows up),
but on mobile I am not able to see any changes, just the old version!
Am I missing something?

I wonder why…

The only issues that I could think of are:

  1. You’re visiting the wrong version your app
  2. You might have a slow internet connection on your phone

If you try to refresh on the phone, are the updates being pushed though? If not and you have checked that you are indeed on the right version, I suggest you file a bug report.

Thank you for your reply, I’m visiting the live version on my phone, and I am using the same WIFI,
I did refresh the page but no updates are pushed

On your laptop, where I am assuming you’re developing, will be shown the dev version of your app. On your phone, will be the live version. So you’d need to publish your changes to see them live on your phone.

Yes I did I clicked deploy current version to live