Deploying app, stripe product not connected anymore

How am i supposed to do this ?
i configured the whole app using stripe dev_key and test mode for the products, however when i publish it doesn’t work anymore as the product id doesn’t correspond anymore even tho i “copied” the demo product to live mode, does this mean i have to create again the products in live mode ?

Then modify everything in the Dev Database, and export it to the Live Database, also do i need to modify all the api links to my bubble workflow (appname/version-test/) to the new live link ?

Hi @alex3253x , Stripe Plugin has the option to write both dev and live keys,
How are you setting your app?

I think the best way to you to use both price IDs is what you are saying, by creating a data base and writing the test ID in the dev db and the live ID in the live db.
The price id will change even if you copied from test mode in Stripe.


yes the price id will change, so i have to go back in workflows, and change the product id with the new live ID

In the workflow there are only the demo product ID available in the list, and not the live products

How am i supposed to do that ?

when i go on live mode (read-only) i do see all the product id’s however i cannot edit as it is read-only

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