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Deploying Application On-Prem

Hi ladies and gents!
This is my first post so please be kind :wink:
I’m currently working on an app but some of the clients I work with are against anything cloud and/or require it to be on prem within their firewalls. Anyone have any experiences they would like to share on if they’ve done this and/or is it possible with Bubble?

What we offer is dedicated hardware for our enterprise clients. That means we maintain a dedicated instance of Bubble only for one client, which enables custom things, compliance, etc. We can talk about it when you’re at that scale.

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Is there a number I can call to discuss further? Our need is for our application to run on our clients hardware and we need to understand the licensing model for that…

Reach out to [email protected] for this. One important note. The way enterprise plans work is that we maintain a dedicated cluster for you (or your clients), but we don’t let enterprise run their own instances on their own servers yet.

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Hi Emmanuel,
“yet” means are you planning to offer such option in the next years?
Our company would be very interested in the function of “exporting” for a price of course.


Unfortunately on-premise isn’t something we can offer at this stage (and maybe ever). Dedicated Plans on the other hand is now up and running with a few customers on these plans.

@emmanuel are there news for this? I’ve got really big costumers which are asking for this…

Happend several times now.
Most of them want it because of internal security…

I wonder if the Dedicated plan allows for your own VPC in AWS? That’s effectively on-prem.


Any update on on-premises deployment or AWS - AMI based deployment of Bubble. ?
Please let us know.

any news on this?


Most of my customers are Oracle ERP, On-Prem, or OCI.

What would be the way to build a “Gateway” such as MS Data Gateway or Boomi Atom for Bubble?

That would add a new level of trust for on-prem integrations, making it easier for the network/security to manage.

That would scale Bubble to another level and I’m pretty much sure several companies would flock to Bubble.


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Seriously. Most of my consulting customers are large corporations that would never go for something they can’t keep behind their firewalls… If Bubble was security-team-friendly, I alone could get multiple 10s of large companies to use it and modernize their tech departments…