Deploying for first time, any tips, warnings?

Hi, i’m deploying my application for the first time, (the public-facing side is not done yet, but the internal-facing portals is ready so our team can start populating the data before).

Any tips or warnings i should know before deployment?

Welcome to the club!

For me was getting used to Homer Simpson sized “Duh!”. There is always something wrong. I learned to be ok with that.

The best way I found to minimize those is to record a demo. For me, the act of trying to explain something to some imaginary person always has a way of highlighting any mistakes in the app.

good idea!

What if i actually want to record a demo for my internals, whats the best software to use? i basically want to demonstrate in a video how to use it, showing the screen and my voice.

I looove the simplicity of Loom.

tnx will give it a try