Deploying to app stores rules and finances?

I am using credit cards to charge users to use facilities out in the real world. I do not need to use in app purchases nor share anything with google or apple, is that correct?

How thoroughly do they review the app you submit? Do they try to run a credit card through? I can’t imagine they do anything like that.

Hi @ryan16

Don’t use your payment method in the iOS app. Tell your users to make their payment from your site (popup). If you opt for renewal and have registered the credit card, you can offer them your plans in iOS, accepted by Apple. Google Play is less severe, so possible to make the payment directly? I don’t have the answer yet. And yes, with that method you save 30% commission :wink: , and this is the main reason why Apple tries to stop all ‘wrapper’ product.

I’m not doing subscriptions in any way, I’m doing service buys one at a time. I don’t think moving them off the app to a website makes sense. Are you certain I need to do that? My understanding if you are selling stuff off the app, not in app, you don’t pay that. I’m sure Amazon isn’t paying 30%

I see. You have to use Apple payment.