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Derive an address from repeating group data and display on Map


I have a repeating group which shows location information in various cells - Country, City, and a Venue name.

I have a button “Show Location” whereby when clicked I wish it to display a marker on the map for the address of that current cells address.

I’m struggling to figure out how to do this. I thought I would be clever and create a field within the database that the repeating group acquires its data from which was a concatenation of Country, City and Venue, and then within a workflow use that as the Marker Address. However this does not work.

The reason I did it this way was that when experimenting, I found that if I typed the location in manually, the field would automatically change to the proper address and display it accordingly - of course manually typing in is no good so I assumed if I set the address to a field containing the same text as would be there if I HAD manually typed it in, this would work, but apparently not.

Can anyone recommend the best approach to being able to display an address derived from the data in the repeating group on a map?


Ok found a workaround for this.

I kept the concatenated address text in the cell, but also added a “search” bar, both of which made not visible on page load. Set the default value of the search bar to the value of the ConcatAddress text box, then have the search bar value as the marker address in the workflow when “View Location” is clicked.

Perhaps not the neatest solution but in the absence of anything better, it works and will do for testing purposes.

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