Design Patterns

Hi all,

I have a thought that we could create Design Patterns for Bubble. Here’s my first:

Category: Site Protection

  1. Use the same Reusable Element on all pages to check if the User is logged in and has confirmed their email. If the User is not, she is redirect to the login page.
    This to ensure that all pages handles protection and to save implementation time and reduce bugs.

  2. Put all page content in a hidden group that is shown only if the User is not logged in and has confirmed their email.
    This ensures that no content is displayed until the app (using the Reusable Element above) has had the time to act.

Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

// Peter


I love these types of initiatives. I don’t have any software development background so I’m always looking for guidelines and thought-frameworks.

The gents at AirDev @vlad have some good tips on their Canvas Guidelines.

Maybe we could make this post the mega-thread?