Design problem: Select from list of companies


I am having a tricky design problem, tried different avenues but I am not sure what is the best solution:

I want the user to select a company name (search with autocomplete style) from a list of basically any major company in US, then capture “I did not find the company” to ask him to manually add one. So a dropdown list or search with suggested results style.

I have considered:

  • Dropdown List with selection from a List of things, but then I need to import 100 of thousands of companies in Bubble, which is not ideal
  • Repeating group with an API search but I will have to pay for the API to sustain the volume of calls I guess and I am struggling to make it really smooth

Am I making things more complicated that they are ?

What would you suggest ?

Thank you

If you don’t want to pay to use the API, you already have the answer :sweat_smile:

You will have to import them all. You can upload a CSV file. Probably, the “search” will be faster.

The advantage of the API is that you will always have the list updated for you. The disadvantage is the loading time and the fact that it is not free…

Check out the API service’s terms of use regarding saving data. If they allow it, you could save api results to your database as users select them for the first time so that you build up your own data naturally over time, while limiting your calls to the API as you scale.

If this is against the terms of use, a bulk import from a CSV is probably the way to go.