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Design spaces differ from responsive viewer

Hey, in my first picture you can see the build mode view:

and in this picture the responsive viewer view for pc screen, while in other screens it is ok. Why so?

Also, I have encountered this before, what do you suggest?

From my point of view, the problem is the image behind which is stretched to fit to the screen, but the buttons or text are trying to keep their exact position with some differences in their width therefore the result is not good.

I ran into something similar to this earlier today. In my case I had extra new lines in the Text field that was stretched. When I edited the text field in the builder and removed the new lines the text field went back to the intended size.

Hello Chris,

Thanks, but my text is justified and I need to change line in text, to start a new sentence. Did you find any way to achieve this without having the problem of the original post or do you know a way to leave empty line in justified text?