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Design tab inquiries

Why is it that on the workspace in bubble especially in the design tab I can not anymore resize groups or be able to design correctly App idea? Is it because I’m still in the free plan?

Well Bubble isn’t like Figma or Canva. You don’t drag to resize. You change element sizes using the layout menu of each element. This might be a good starting point for you:

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Thank you for your reply, I follow you on YouTube since some time now, and you’re doing a great job. Actually in my question, I was talking about the “layout menu of elements”. Before today I could use the menu to resize element, but today as I was testing an App idea, I could not resize or use correctly the responsive design anymore. So I thought maybe my actions are limited since I’ve been on the free plan for some weeks now. Should I upgrade VIP to solve this, I’m wondering? I’m new to Bubble.