Design trick needed

Hi Bubblers,

I have a list of companies in my app. Some of those have data for social media channels, and when they do, an icon shows on their page/popup. But sometimes they don’t and that creates a hellish design, that just look bad.

Does anyone know a workaround?


Use a default image in the database so they all have an image - even if its a white square.


I think that would render much the same result. Optimally, I’d want the elements to move over to the left as far as possible. I guess i’d need to put every icon in a group and then hide that group if field is empty…

But there must be an easier way,

Create a table that holds social links and have the company table have it as children. Then display those icons as a list using a repeating group. You can use the link element in the repeating group and bbcode to generate icons on the front end. For example the social link table has Facebook as a service so add this code as an icon


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I guess that would work, albeit something requires a change to the data structure…

Thanks for the idea