Designer for web app


I am looking for a designer for a web application. The page has 6-7 pages and some popups. The application has a landing page with sales pitch but apart from that it is mostly forms for data entry and repeating groups to list those data.

You are able to move things around within Bubble and style elements or you have experience with Bubble and Figma. The less I have to be involved in doing work related to the design, the better.

The design must be light weight, alot of white space, feel calm and easy to the user. You know how to make serifs and sanserifs work together.

If you can assist with the wording (english) that is considered a bonus.

Please send me your portfolio and some indication on fixed/hourly rate.

Edit: I prefer working with a freelancer (not a larger company).

Thank you.


@codecompany Hi, would you work with a smaller agency that has 1 bubble developer that is able to do the job?