Designing for the future (PWA) - pages or groups?

I can tell you first hand that this is not the case.

Stacking groups: excellent idea! I had been going crazy with a page with too many groups and keeping up with them.

The post’s title has PWA in it. I’m assuming it means: progressive web apps. How is that related to the pages x group debate? (Yes, I need to get myself learned on PWA. Any good resources you guys would recommend?)

(a bit off topic, but @rico, that’s a beautiful and unique name you got there :wink: )

Hi again @vincent56

Could you elaborate a bit so we can benefit from your experience and maybe try to figure a workaround.

yeah sure, I posted my findings here:

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DS allows for you to access your API to auth.

Regardless if it is pages or groups (hidden or collapsing), one things is for sure when you show your client you can simply hit SHARE + ADD TO HOME SCREEN their eyes will pop-out and say something like “what??? you can have an App without going to the App(location) Store?”

Yes it’s a secret :wink:



I have another question on the topic.

Does a PWA need to be done with groups?
And does the install-feature where it really works like an app (not only add to home screen) need groups instead of pages?