Designing privacy rules that reflect specific user roles

Hello to anyone who might be able to help. I’m in the process of developing and application that that will be used by a lot of people within specific communities that will need certain levels of security in the form of app privacy rules. What I mean by this is that users will have various levels of permissions to access varying levels of information, however I am having trouble creating the rules as I have one set field per user labelled ‘roles’ in the data section of the app of which can be altered in the admin area to add specific labels. Fore example, records supervisor. However, when I create the privacy rules in the privacy section, the field will not recognize when I input the label name. E.g.: “When current user’s roles contains records supervisor” the system continuously flags up an error stating the rule must not be empty. I thought there was a time before when you could just enter the name of something as text and have the system still recognize it? Any help would be appreciated as to how I can have the system recognize a list of roles in the privacy tab.

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