#DesignInPublic: Creating bookmarked views

I keep seeing #BuildInPublic posts on Twitter, so I thought I’d try a Design in Public post. This might be quite instructional for those learning the tool, which I guess we all are still doing. :slight_smile:

In my app, a user wants different filtered views to walkthrough in a meeting. Rather than having to repeat the filtering process manually each time, I want to enable the user to create a bookmark that replicates their filtered view.


  • Create a bookmark link with url parameters to store the various values
  • Allow user to add a category before saving
  • Write this url to a bookmark list column in the user table
  • Create a focused group attached to user picture that contains an RG showing bookmarks grouped by category
  • When the user clicks the link, a page load workflow would check the url for parameters and if parameters are found, set all the values.
  • One perk to this approach is that you could potentially create a share a bookmark function


  • What am I not thinking of here?
  • What could be improved?
  • Also, my page has states that have to be set with a bookmark as well. How much of an issue will this be?



My only thought would be to not save the full bookmark url as a String in the DB but save the filter’s parameters instead. This way, if you change the name of one of the filter fields, your old bookmarks won’t be broken.

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