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Desired photo input options

a) Can we add an option for a photo input to NOT show the photo it just took or uploaded? On my Home Feed container I’ve created a camera button using an icon with a photo input on top of it. I don’t want the photo to show up there. I just want to be able to use its value. Right now, that value gets sent to an image in a different container.
b) I would love if you could separate the camera from the upload from library option. I really need that at some point!

and with the field uploading input ? you won’t have the image appears
or hide your picture input as soon as it’s not empty.
THere may be a workaround for this kind of thing

does the file input access the camera? Can you take a photo using the file input?

I’ll try hiding the input once it’s not empty, that’s a good idea.


On a phone, using the picture uploader, yes. Did you try?