Desktop and Mobile Redirects


Hope everyone is staying safe.
At the moment, I have built a page that I would like to only be shown on a mobile.
If the user shares the URL with someone, and they then view it on a desktop, is there a way to re-direct the user? A bit like a “Mobile Version” of a page, but for desktops?

Many thanks,


Hi cairngormstudios,

So on each page you can click and direct to a mobile page in the options.
2020-04-11 23_26_27-listitemnew _ Bubble Editor

If this is still not enough, there is a plugin called “ismobile”.
Upon installation you can drag it onto the page in the editor and create workflow actions e.g. if “ismobileA " is android or is mobile or is desktop” then do …[go to page X]

hope this helps.
best regards Julius.
Pm me if you want to get on a quick call for help.

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