Desktop view on mobile

Probably a little weird of a request. I actually want to view the desktop version of one page on my app when on a tablet or mobile phone.

My app is setup so a business owner can create an estimate for potential customers and save it as a pdf to send using the Zeroqode group to pdf/image plugin. It works fine on desktop mode, but obviously when the viewport is smaller, the estimate will be saved a lot smaller which isnt ideal.

My work around idea was to have a button to view the preview of the estimate on a separate page when on tablet or smaller and have that page be non responsive so it is the full width. Then you can hit the save as pdf button and it will save it as full size but it seems to cut off a portion of the estimate when viewing the preview page although when saving the pdf, it does save properly.

Is there a specific way to get this one page in particular to be viewed in a zoomed out way so the whole estimate is visible even when on mobile and the user can just zoom in when needed to review things in more detail?

Im also open to any other workarounds to have the estimate saved properly as a pdf regardless of viewport size!

Kinda confusing tittle. Try using fixed size special page with dimensions of A4 paper. It should make PDF in full size on any device. Because pdf takes what it sees. I never tried with pdf but did with printing and it works.

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Yeah I wasnt sure the best way to word this all but this worked! Ive been doing so much responsive work over the last two years that the thought of a fixed page just never occurred to me! Thank you!

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No problem. I just learned today what “Align with parent” means after 10.000 hours of bubbling… Crazy! I made dozens of apps with different workaround with floating groups to get same effect… silly me