Desktop vs mobile version

i’ve created a social media app and i want it to be accessible on both desktop and mobile phones what do i do?

Can you expand on this, it’s too broad.

You want your app accessible through a web browser? Or for mobile, you’d like it accessible as a mobile app?

both just like facebook, instagram and others isnt they have desktop and mobile versions ?

There are a couple of options, you can…

  1. Make a page and check it as the mobile version of another page


  1. Create one page and make it responsive so it looks good on any size screen.

I did not know that #1 existed until this post, and it’s a huge life saver!!!

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Glad that helped! :+1:

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how do you check it as a mobile page?

When you click on the page itself and see the “inspector” show up it will have a checkbox setting that will say something like this is the mobile version for, then you pick the page. I’m not at my computer right now to give you a screenshot. Sorry. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here you go. This should be more clear.

This is a great tip, thanks for sharing! Do you have a recommendation on which one is better?

On the mobile version of my app, I want it to display a hamburger menu at the top, have features like scanning a QR code through the phone’s camera, and have a bottom menu to access certain pages. I worry about creating completely separate pages for the mobile version because that would double my creation time. Any tips? Thanks!

I think in your case it should be the same page, you just show and hide elements based on the page width.