Desperately need a plugin/work around with this

Hi guys

So I have a bunch of gifs and it takes forever to load (800kb something size), when a user click on them, because it take so long to load, the previous exercise gif is still on display until after a few seconds it change to the new gif.

This is such a terrible UX, I was wondering if any plugin have the function to download needed gif before the user even click into the exercise, so almost like a pre-loading. Does anyone know anything I can do to achieve this?

Gifs are not really great for performance in general because of compression limitations.

I’d suggest switching to mp4 videos instead (you can loop a video, autostart etc).

FYI - mp4 video playback in browsers doesn’t always work as expected. So keep that in mind :slight_smile:

I can recommend the following plugin (which I use and recommend for that reason): Responsive & Stylable Video Player Plugin | Bubble

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would this work for mobile apps too? Thank you!

Yes it would!

Or lotties. Super lightweight

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