Detect a new live version or run workflow when live gets updated

Hello guys,

many times after an update to live I have some issues right away which I am not always aware of. Therefore I would like to run automated tests. I have started to use a tool called n8n.
My idea is to call a webhook to start an automated test each time I deploy the application.

My problem is that I cannot find a way to create a workflow whenever I deploy. I know there are tools out there that kind of have this functionality but they are probably just checking once a minute if the bubble-page-id has changed.

Maybe someone has an idea how to either run automated tests or how to detect a new deployment.

Thank you!

Why wouldn’t a flow that only runs once and that you remember to trigger from live right after deployment not work?

Yes that could work but I would prefer something that automatically runs. It seems just to be more bulletproof. Do you have any experience with test-automation with bubble?


Build a flow that only runs once that trigger on the operator :isn’t live is no