Detect browser activity for loading animation

Hi Bubblers,

Is anyone aware of a method that can be used to detect when a request has been made and there is a process happening? I know there is a loading bar at the top of the page usually, however this isn’t always obvious, and most of the time, conditions such as ‘is loading’ don’t seem to work (specifically BDK native camera and file selector)

It would be cool if there was a way to detect when there was something happening at the page level, so that something visual could be used as an indication of such.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, exposed states like an “is loading” state aren’t quite as responsive as we would like because Bubble workflows are a bit slow. (Often, by the time such a state has gone high and then low, the actual “loading” is done.) There’s no good solution for this except for plugin builders (and… AHEM… Bubble) to send separate Loading Start and Loading End events. (But even that is subject to lag — a triggered event takes a while to propagate in Bubble.)

This is just one of those it-is-what-it-is things in Bubble, sorry to say. I could say more but it wouldn’t change anything.