Detect data search finished - Plugin

Hey everyone!

I have a plugin which renders a bunch of data. When I change filters and pull new data, I want to show a loading spinner. However, the update() function gets called multiple times but I have no flag/data/signal that data has finished loading. Does the update() callback in a plugin provide this info as a param or maybe an event I could listen to? Or perhaps the total number of rows to expect + number of rows loaded?

I would like to do it with simple js code and not rely on plugins or workflow for something this simple. Thanks in advance!

I think, it’s not possible in the plugin code itself. But you can archive this using plugin element actions/events.

Refer below screen

You can trigger this event by every 5 seconds to check the data get updated or not.

Have you made sure to make a flag to check when it’s initialized?

Currently, I have a console log that triggers when data has been updated, the thing is, bubble triggers this several times during a search so I can’t tell for sure when the search is actually complete.

I’ve tested passing the data through a RG first with the “repeating group is loading” condition to trigger something when its “no” and that doesn’t work either, so can’t tell if this is something wrong on bubbles’ side or what.

Can’t do much without you providing me some code or more insight. Feel free to DM me if you need.