Detect if user has viewed the page?

Hey all,
In my app, users are directed to an external site and after a while they return to my app. Is there any way to detect when they return to the tab my app is in? Typically the page does not refresh when they return, so I cannot detect this by making a workflow based on page loads.

Thanks in advance!

How do they return to your app? Are you able to direct where they return? More context would be helpful.

They return to the app by switching back to the tab my app is in.

As an example, if my app was Google, users would be switching to a new tab when they click a link, then going back to the Google tab to continue browsing. I want to know if it’s possible to detect when a user has gone back to the Google tab.

How do you navigate between tabs, can you share a link and i’ll take a look for you?

This demo looks like it does what you described, @infinity, so it couldn’t hurt to check it out. Oh, and the demo doesn’t give you a link to its editor, so here you go.


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This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much for finding this.

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