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Detect last item of RG has reached

I want to show the loader group on reaching of last item of Repeating group. To trigger that event i have put the simple condition using current page scrolling position and RG’s height.

But this function is not getting called.
What must be causing the problem?

To test, add two text elements to your page. Make one show Current page scrolling position. Make the other show RepeatingGroup Stats_Result’s height. Then as you scroll you should be able to see “the missing link”.


Thank you for sharing.
Yes… Current page scroll pos is less than repeating groups height.
But how this is possible. I mean Page height will always be greater than repeating groups height. wright?

When i trying to have condition like
current page scrolling pos >RG height-50/100 then it won’t allow me to do that.

How can i achieve this ?

thank you in advance.

Well. When i changed the condition to currentpage scrolling page+50 > repeatin grps height. It is working fine.

But now i found the another bug is when page loads for the very first time it automatically fulfills this condition without even scrolling down and it adds 10 more records to the RG which are supposed to be added only after group loading is visible.

Can you help me with this?
Thank you

Add a custom state to your page that is a number with a default value of 0. Then on your do when ad an action as step 1 to set the state of that custom state to equal its current value + 1. Then add a conditional on the step 2 to only run if that custom states value is greater than 1. The first time (on page load) it will not add to the repeating group.


Standby! I have just submitted a plugin that will allow you to do just this and much more. Your use case would be to place a scroll anchor directly at the bottom of the repeating group!

It is currently pending review. I will post when it clears review.

You can learn all about it Here


It is just awesome…
It’s working… Your simple solution is just perfect. Thank you soo much…

Well on this note i want to ask one more question. :grinning:

I have the input field in a repeating group. There is one vertical scroll RG and inside that one horizontal scroll RG. So basically what i want is autosave functionality for the input field. When there is any change in input field the timer of 3sec should start and that value be automatically saved.

Currently what happening is until and unless user makes click outside of the input field, the input value changed event won’t get triggered.

What i’m doing now is when event will trigger, initiating the timer and and then calling the API.

Is there way to autosave the value?

BTW thanks once again…!!!

Sure… Do share a post after review.

Have you used Auto Binding yet? You can make changes to input fields automatically update your database. Just check the allow autobinding box on the input element.

I have looked into the autobinding.
But as i’m not using bubble’s database, i don’t think it will work.
on change of value, i’m calling the API which stores updated value in DB.
Is there any bounce functionality provided by bubble for input fields. Or if we can do it using javascript.


You can use the Run Javascript action from the Toolbox plugin on a Page is Loaded workflow and add an eventListener that will listen for changes to an input. I do not believe the enter key has to be pressed for element.addEventListener("input", ()=>{}) to work, it will just recognize any change . But also, I know there is a checkbox on the input elements that say " prevent enter key from submitting", maybe if that is checked then it will be activated on key press.