Detect when user is running my app in Chrome Incognito Mode


I’ve noticed that some complex workflows of my app do not work in Chrome’s Incognito mode.

Is there a way that I can detect when a user is using Chrome’s Incognito so that I can ask him to switch to the regular Chrome for proper functioning of the app?

Bubble’s app does it, when you try to load debug_mode=true on incognito, this parameter is automatically removed from the URL.



Bubble doesn’t detect that you are in incognito mode but detect that you are not logged in into the account holding the app. this is why the debug mode is removed. If you log in into incognito mode to your account, debug mode will remain.
Are you issue related to cookies loading in incognito?

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Thanks for correcting me, I logged in to my Bubble account on incognito and my app started working properly now. The app was having trouble loading some data to custom states but now is working. I don’t know what was happening before.


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