Detecting and preventing group sharing of app

Anyone has experience or ideas with solutions to detect and prevent group sharing or those “group buy” sites? e.g.

I already log out a user if the account is signed in from another device.

But this problem still persists. I’m not sure how these people actually share the app among many users.

Interesting problem.

Off the top of my head, you could probably add email confirmation or even 2fa upon log in just to increase the difficulty of sharing accounts. However, this won’t totally solve the issue, it’ll just make it more hassle to share the accounts.

Will keep an eye on this thread for more suggestions!

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That might make it enough of a hassle that it won’t be worth sharing the accounts. Also, you can gather device and user fingerprint, and if something is out of the ordinary force them two, reset the password or something of the sort

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Thanks all!

I’m actually okay with casual sharing but some of these “group buy” sites seem sophisticated, e.g. multiple users can use at the same time (maybe they’re using some kind of remote server sort of tool).

I think periodic email verification might just work. Or usage monitoring (a bit taxing on workflows).

I also tried a plugin that “prevents multiple tabs” but it didn’t work.

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