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Detecting RepeaterGroup Data change

Today I have been messing around with a search functionality which influence the data displayed in a repeater group. I have managed to get the Pagination working on the initial results set, but cannot work out how to detect a change in the results set initiated by say a dropdown box changing its option value which changes the contents of the results set.

I need to detect this change to reset the states of an object to set the new Pagination limits.

I have tried a couple of things;

  1. using the repeating group count to change the value in an input field, and then use an event that monitors for the input value changing. - This doesn’t appear to trigger when the input value is changed programatically.
  2. If have tried looking at the isLoading state of the Repeating group - but no joy with that route.

Any pointers please…

Rather than drive the list from the Repeating Group, if you use a Workflow on “when Dropdown’s Value has changed” you can send the data (Using “Display List”) to the Repeating Group and sort the pagination at the same time.

Thanks @NigelG.

The dropdown value is used in several place and as a result of this I have it living in the Header.

There is also other criteria that is required which is derived from the page itself.

I have managed to find a work around which appears to be working. it involves the use of a watchdog to detect a change to the results count, by comparing it to a previous watchdog call to store the current count out to a state value. A separate watchdog event compares the two watchdog states and updates the pagination limits and returns current page to 1 on detection of a results set change.

Whether is scales or not is another matter…but for the time being it works and allows me to progress with some other functionality until I look at refinement later if required.

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