Detection of "leave room" and navigate user to another page

I’m using plugin on Bubble.
I wanna detect “leave room” of user and navigate him/her to another page.
Currently, I couldn’t find the way to do that.
So, after leaving a room, plain page is displayed and user have to close the page by himself.
How can I detect it and executing specific actions?

check if the plugin has an workflow trigger based on the ‘leave room’.

Thank you so much for your response.
I put “Daily Events” on a page “room” and set workflow “When A Daily Events left-meeting” in Workflow with an action to goes to a specific page.
However, nothing happened when I left a meeting room.
I couldn’t find a page to guide how to do it on Bubble…


Contact the plugin developer

Hey @Ike!

You can use Daily meeting events to detect when a user leaves a room you’d use the event left room to navigate to another page.

Here’s a how-to of how that works specifically and how to set it up in Bubble.

and in the future, you can tag me @lola with any plugin questions or email for a quicker response


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Thank you so much, Lola.
I’ll try it.