Determine number of upvotes based on who created a thing

I’m trying to create a karma system that creates a count of all the upvotes on modules that have been created by the current user.

On my User model, I’m tracking the list of modules that have been created.

I also have a Votes model, which tracks which module was up or downvoted.

I have a text field that does a search for votes, but can’t figure out the right syntax to only count the number of upvotes on all modules that were created by the current user. I haven’t been able to find any examples of this, but am probably not using the right search terms.

I won’t say I figured out a solution to this problem, but figured out a workaround for anyone else who stumbles into this problem. I can’t figure out how to get the “intersects with” logic to work (which I think is the right path), having tried what seems to be every permutation available.

Instead, I’m just going to add the module’s creator to each vote that gets created so I can do a search for any vote that is an upvote and also matches the current user. Maybe not as elegant but it works.

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