Determining Quantity Subtraction Pie Chart

Okay, I would try to figure this by myself but since my laptop’s hard drive is faulty and my library is shutdown do to the pandemic, I only have access to one computer for a limited time.

How do I subtract a specific quantity from a group of numbers. I’ll put this in a better example.

Let’s say I have a three products available at three different price ranges: $50 or more, 100 or more and than $150 or more.

The number of these items available are displayed in a pie chart. $50 or more(10), $100 or more(3), and $150 or more(7).

Now let’s say a customer wants the first item for $50 or more. So they pay $70. This cause the number of available items in the pie chart to drop from 10 to 9.

The issue here is how is this done? A month ago I had asked something similar but with a progression bar. I tried to implement the idea on to here but the problem is the range of numbers.

Right now I confused on how to proceed with this.

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