Determining when a field in two tables does not match

I have two tables that have the same structure. One table is the master table (Members) and the other table (MemberUpdate) is used to import data changes for Members from a csv file. I am able to make the changes to the Member data when there is a match on the “Customer” field (I use Customer because that is the label that quickbooks uses) by using a backend workflow. However, I also want to include in the MemberUpdate table Members that don’t yet exist in the Members table. I thought I would add the member if there is not a match on the Customer field between the two tables.

I can’t seem to get the correct expression that will return only the Customer field in the MemberUpdate table when the Customer field does not exist in the Member table.

Hers is what I have for adding the Member. When i do this I get all Members that are in the MemberUpdate table added to the Member table, not just the one that is a new member.

Can anyone provide any insight or input on this? I can provide more input as needed


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