Dev version is down? AND NOW LIVE too

Is someone experiencing issues loading the dev version? For the last 5 minutes can’t open any preview in the dev versions:

But the live version is working and loading, I don’t see anything in either

I tried different browsers same result.

EDIT: Now Live version isn’t working

Why status isn’t aware of this?

+25 minutes down and the status page: everything good


I was just about to post about this


Also seeing this

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Our’s is also in our live version not just version test - that being said we just pushed an update…

same here

Same here. Not loading

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Same here.

Same here

same here

Same here.

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Funny thing is that on the status page it shows that there were no outages in April yet if you look at the actual details there were 4. All green on the main page for the last 90 days but we all know that’s not true.
Same as May, all green but there have been incidents where it was down.


What is the point of saying the same here? How long will it take them to fix it?

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Down for me as well. Bubble is telling me not to use ad blockers. Am using Safari on Macbook

Yep same here - normally get a text message before I even know about it, but nothing yet at all.

I’m using Microsoft Edge, it doesn’t seem different browsers are the problem

Maybe they will notice if everyone pumps the thread with the ‘same here’. As the status page is like invisible

you mean the “browser unable to load the application data” message?

I’m experiencing it too. Just pushed an update in a long time, not sure it has anything to do with this

Live is still good for my application, only Dev is down.

Reporting to them is enough. They are fast on fixing issues.

Filed a bug report in case that helps.