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Developer for an equity. Why yes?! Read more

Hi, I am a product manager from the Czech Republic. I work on an idea stage app about financial platform. In Czech there is a big opportunity but investors want to see MVP and some traction. With Bubble, it is possible but to be honest I don’t have a skillset to build that app. Actually, of course I do but that time I would spend on it doesn’t make sense.

So I would rather find a partner in crime for equity. I got some conditions but I will tell you a little more about the app.

In Czech, whenever you want some financial, energy or telco deal, it is always the same. Lead with a mobile phone and on the other line is a scammy salesman who tries to convince you. I don’t like that and there are better solutions.

I really like websites such as,, and so one.

I want to build a MARKETPLACE for banks, insurance companies, energy or telco firms where they can promote their deals. We can summary, compare and when clients decide to go for it, he/she is redirected through a referral URL and we get some commision for that. No need to make a deal done, for us just clicks stand for a money.

For those companies, it is a cheap way of buying potential clients and for clients it is a place where deals can be found. Simple as that.

I have some concept designs for the app.

It should contain:

Landing page

Category page which contains hero info, calculator and deals.

As below.

Nice to have is interface for companies to set up deals (as interest rates, product names and so one)

Of course there is a pain in the product variety because something else are loans vs insurance or telco deals. But the concept stays the same.

Who am I looking for? A developer who will help build this MVP. After investment I will pay you off.

But if you are also a react web developer or backend dev, we can work in the future when the platform would be rebuilt.

I can manage the product and acquiring partners in Czech.

Would you be interested?

Let’s talk. Please share your contact details and I’ll reach out. B.