Developers in Australia

Hi all,

We launched last month our MVP in the iOS and Google Play stores using Bubble. With relatively successful uptake in our target demographic, we are looking for a lead developer to take a central role in doing three key tasks:

  1. Workflow optimisation to improve load speed.
  2. Minor UI improvements to make the app feel more native.
  3. Identify a strategy in Bubble to scale the app into several other target demographics in Australia.

You must be based in Australia, ideally in Brisbane. You must be a front-end expert, being able to use custom HTML, CSS & JS in Bubble. You must be familiar with responsive design (both horizontal and vertical) and be able to implement custom solutions to overcome the limitations in vertical responsiveness in Bubble. You must also have experience in using Bubble for PWA or hybrid apps via web containers (SuperView, or others).

We would consider a fee-for-service, but ideally we are looking for someone who could be interested in joining our team with negotiable equity, which is an early-stage start-up. Since the platform is already established, the above tasks will unlikely be a commitment of 38 hours/week, rather something akin to 10-18 hours/week.

For more information, please leave a comment, message or email [email protected]. Please attach a portfolio/CV including last five years of employment/education, as well as your professional motivations and goals for the next five years. We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards, Sherman
Co-Founder, Pager for PhDs


Hi Sherman/all

I know it’s a bit late but… I’m a developer and founder of based in Sydney, Australia.

I’m open to helping out other founders with their MVP.

I also coach Bubble Bootcamps.

Check out my site: