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Hi all,

I’m looking for a freelance developer that can help us with our project. We have purchased the “Freelancing like UpWork Template” Freelancing like Upwork Template | Bubble from Zeroqode as a foundation for the website (I’m hoping it can be tweaked to suit)

On the back-end, I would like to have a database of companies that service the specific industry that we operate in. Each company that joins that database/website will create a profile - who they are, what they do with the ability to add a PDF presentation. (Vendor Module)

On the front-end, users will log in to the website via the homepage, browse the database and have the ability to upload an RFP (via PDF). We will be notified of the completed submission and will then push the opportunity out to the database of companies that could be interested in making a proposal. It’s important that the user submitting RFP is kept anonymous.

We will not charge any subscription fees or success fees - however, the option to do so in the future would be good. We will earn revenue by charging companies a fixed fee to make a proposal. If any proposal from the database is accepted (accept/reject button) we retain all fees. If the company rejects all proposals we will refund the fee to all companies that submitted.

Any freelancers looking for some work?



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I might be interested.

Would love to chat with you to see if I could be a good fit! Feel free to contact me at
Thank you!

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